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The Baolun Cold Rolling Mill Acid Rolling Line Karen Race Spindle Bearing Replacement Project Was Successfully Completed
Jan 04, 2019

December 26 (Jiang Lingang) Recently, the Baolong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. cold rolling mill acid rolling line Karen race spindle bearing replacement project undertaken by Shanghai Baoye was successfully completed.


The acid rolling line of the Shunbao Cold Rolling Plant uses a cold rolling line designed by SMS Siemag, which is installed at the exit of the continuous rolling mill to achieve continuous coiling of cold rolled strip by means of two mandrels. The Karen coiler, also known as the double-roll rotary coiler, is a large-scale high-speed rotary machine. The internal drive system is quite complicated (the number of transmission stages is large, the drive shaft is long, and the structure is complicated). Design and manufacture of metallurgical machinery with very high difficulty.


After receiving the notice from the owner, Shanghai Baoye actively negotiated the construction contract with the owner. At the same time, it carried out a number of construction preparations such as selection of the construction team, review of the construction plan, distribution of the workers, and rational distribution of the tools to ensure the smooth start of the project. . During the construction process, the project team used the self-developed “Modern Cold Rolling Key Equipment Series Online Maintenance Technology” to adopt the main drive air core shaft direct extraction method, eliminating the internal and external shaft drive gear box disassembly and assembly process, saving a lot of time. After 85 hours of hard work by the combatants, the Karen race spindle bearing replacement project of the Shunbao Cold Rolling Plant acid rolling line was successfully completed 3 hours ahead of schedule, and all the projects were successfully tested at one time, which was highly praised by the owners.