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Steel Prices Rose By $45-$100/ton, And The Price Increase Situation Is Still Going On!
Oct 17, 2018

Recently, many steel mills across the country issued steel price adjustment information, and the price of steel was adjusted to $45-$100/ton:

Affected by the rising prices of raw materials for steel products, auto parts and accessories such as automobile leaf springs have also seen a certain increase in prices. The rise in steel prices and the increase in production costs have also increased the difficulty for major steel leaf spring manufacturers. On the one hand, it is necessary to maintain the normal operation of production, on the other hand, it is necessary to control the price of the product within the acceptable range of the customer.

Under the influence of the national environmental protection policy, the northern part of the autumn will enter the heating season, and the amount of steel exploitation will be limited to a greater extent. The steel production limit will be upgraded to a greater extent, which means that steel prices will be welcomed. Come to a new round of price increases.