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SKF Launches New Entry-level Laser Shaft Alignment System
Dec 11, 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden, May 11, 2015

SKF (SKF) today announced the introduction of the entry-level TKSA 31 laser alignment instrument for shaft alignment. This alignment instrument is suitable for rotating machines in industrial applications and can help customers identify and correct shaft misalignment, extend equipment uptime and reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. The TKSA 31 has the same design as the previously introduced TKSA 41, but the TKSA 31 is more affordable than the TKSA 41. However, the measurement flexibility of the TKSA 31 is relatively low and there is no photo-taking feature added to the TKSA 41 alignment report. Both alignments are designed to make shaft alignment easier and more intuitive, even for less experienced operators.


The TKSA 31 includes two measuring units with large size positioning sensors and bright lasers to reduce the need for pre-alignment, making measurements more accurate, even under the most demanding conditions. The built-in soft-foot tool lays the foundation for a successful alignment.

The TKSA 31 liquid crystal display (LCD) with touch screen navigation makes alignment easy and convenient, and can be measured using the well-known 9-12-3 clock measurement with 40° offset flexibility at each measurement position. The instrument's dynamic view supports intuitive measurements for centering correction of horizontal and vertical faces.

The instrument can automatically measure and take readings when the measuring unit is rotated to the correct position, so the user can rotate the shaft with both hands and maintain the position of the shaft. After each alignment, TKSA 31 will automatically generate a customized report that includes comments about the application, and each report can be exported as a PDF file. The built-in machine library helps organize alignment reports and provides an overview of all machines.