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Necessary Treatment Measures For NTN Stainless Steel Bearing Failure Caused By Load
Oct 31, 2018

NTN bearings bear different loads in different directions. stainless steel bearings mainly bear radial loads. bearings can bear both radial and axial loads. bearings mainly bear axial loads. Bearing load is the radial load acting on the shaft, Fr and Fn are the radial load acting on both ends of the shaft. Under the action of radial load, bearing rollers and inner and outer rings are subjected to the action of pulsating cyclic stress, resulting in fatigue pitting corrosion. After running for a certain period of time, the bearing rollers and inner and outer ring raceways lose their original shape, the rotational accuracy of the shaft is reduced, the vibration and noise of the machine is increased, and finally the shaft is caused. Failure.

When the bearing is loaded, Fr and Fn are the radial and axial loads acting on the shaft, Fr and Fn are the radial and axial loads acting on the left end of the shaft, and Fa2 are the radial and axial loads acting on the right end of the shaft, respectively. NTN bearings under radial and axial loads, not only fatigue pitting corrosion, but also under the axial load, one end of the bearing is compressed, the other end of the stainless steel bearing is relaxed, so that the compression end of the bearing element contact surface will also produce wear, thus accelerating the failure of the bearing. Bearing elements are subjected to extrusion under axial load, so fatigue pitting corrosion and wear occur on the contact surface between the roller and the inner and outer rings during operation. Overload or excessive impact load on the damage of rolling bearings to a great extent, will cause the bearing rollers and inner and outer ring contact plastic deformation, bearing elements permanent deformation, so that the bearing life greatly shortened the same.

When rotating bearings, it should be very smooth, no noise and no impurities. Stainless steel bearings are allowed to have a slight noise in operation, if the noise is too loud or abnormal noise or impact sound, indicating that the bearing fault. The antirust treatment of bearings uses a rustproof oil with slight fragrance, and the dosage is not large. The whole stainless steel bearing is clean and fragrant. The bearing has fine chamfering at the junction of the cross and vertical planes, and has a black edge. Bearing in the normal use of the process, the installation of bearing parts allow a certain temperature, when the hand touch the shell of the mechanism, should not feel hot as normal. If the temperature of NTN bearings is too high, the factors such as whether the quality of lubricating oil meets the requirements or deteriorates and the viscosity of lubricating oil is too high can be considered; or the installation mechanism assembly is too tight, the bearing assembly is too tight; the bearing cage or the rolling body is broken and so on.

There are many reasons for the noise of NTN bearing. One is the wear of the bearing inner and outer rings. Moreover, bearing lubrication is insufficient, dry friction is formed, and bearing breakage will produce abnormal noises. It is important to keep stainless steel bearings and lubrication clean. Before cleaning, clean the machine surface and remove the parts around the bearing. Oil seal is a very fragile part, so it should be carefully removed, do not overexert force, and then carefully check the oil seal and its surrounding parts, if there are bad symptoms, must be replaced, poor oil seal will lead to bearing damage and strict equipment shutdown.