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Made In China 2025 Brings New Development Opportunities To The Bearing Industry
Sep 19, 2018

In "Made in China 2025", the plan vigorously promotes the development of key areas of robotics. Focusing on automotive robots, machinery, electronics, dangerous goods manufacturing, defense, military, chemical, light industry and other industrial robots, special robots, and medical health, home services, education and entertainment services, etc., actively develop new products, promote robot standardization, modules Develop and expand market applications. Break through the technical bottlenecks of key components such as robot body, reducer, servo motor, controller, sensor and driver, and system integration design and manufacture.


As one of the key supporting basic components of industrial robots, industrial robot bearings are still a relatively weak link in China, and its localization is related to the overall competitiveness of the domestic robot industry. In view of the development needs of the domestic robot industry, it is urgent to carry out research and development of industrial robot supporting bearings and key technologies for industrialization, to ensure that the bearing performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, reduce production costs, and prepare for further improvement of the industrial robot industry system. The development of modern industrial robots tends to be lighter, and the bearings must be installed in a limited space, which must be small in size and light in weight, that is, lightweight. At the same time, the high load, high rotation accuracy, high running stability, high positioning speed, high repeatability, long life and high reliability of the robot require high load capacity, high precision and high. Stiffness, low friction torque, long life, high reliability performance. Lightweight and high performance are a contradiction.

According to the robot industry information released by the China Robotics Industry Alliance, the sales volume of industrial robots in China in 2009 was 120,800 units, an increase of 32.2% from the 91,400 units in 2016. With the increase in demand for industrial robots, China's industrial robot sales are expected to reach 147,000 units in 2018, accounting for 37% of global industrial robot sales. In the future, China's robot bearing market is very broad. With the rapid development of industrial robots in China, the rapid development of robot bearings will surely be brought about. Precision bearings for robots mainly include: cross-cranked bearings for special harmonic reducers, flexible bearings; RV reducer tapered roller bearings, angular contact bearings, needle bearings, etc.