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Harbin Axis Passed The Quality And Environment System Audit
Jan 22, 2019

From Jan. 7 to Jan. 9, the auditing team of TUV Nande Company conducted ISO 9001, IATF 16949 quality system audits and ISO 14001 environmental system re-certification audits. According to the relevant standard documents, the quality and environment system of Ha-axle is checked and verified whether it is running continuously and effectively in the process of bearing design, manufacture and sale.

On the afternoon of January 9, the audit team held its last meeting. Leaders of the company and relevant leaders of various units participated in the meeting. At the meeting, the experts of the audit team notified the audit findings, pointed out the existing problems, put forward suggestions and opinions. The audit conclusion is that the quality systems of Harbin Axis ISO 9001 and IATF 1699 meet the certification requirements, run well and recommend to maintain the certification qualification; and the ISO 14001 environmental management system meets the re-certification requirements.

_Lu Haiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Haaxle Manufacturing Company, on behalf of Haaxle, thanked the experts of the auditing group for their hard work over the past few days and for their recognition and understanding of Haaxle. At the same time, he expressed his modest acceptance of the problems raised by the experts of the auditing group in the process of auditing, and demanded that the relevant units take prompt action to promptly rectify and solve the problems step by step. Employees of the Ministry resolutely put an end to the bad ideas of muddling through, ignoring and ignoring. They take the initiative to change, do, and do practical work, and give the audit team a satisfactory answer.