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Equivalent Dynamic Load Of NACHI Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Oct 22, 2018

When using NACHI angular contact ball bearings, the supporting points of the bearings are shown in Figure 2.1 and must be at the intersection of the extension line of the contact line inside the bearings and the center of the shaft. Therefore, the angular contact ball bearing records the location of the "a" value on the size table. In particular, it seems to be more important to consider this when torque loads are applied to bearings. When radial loads are applied to angular contact ball bearings, the axial force will occur. The axial force is obtained by formula 2.4.  (Formula 2.4) Fa': axial component (N) Fr: radial load (N) Y: axial load coefficient due to the influence of this component, the axial load acting on the bearing and radial equivalent dynamic load as shown in Table 2.2.

FrI, FrII: Loads on bearings I, II (N) YI, YII: Axial load coefficients PrI, PrII: radial equivalent dynamic loads on bearings I and II; Axial loads and equivalent dynamic loads on angular contact ball bearings in Table 2.2; Axial component forces on angular contact ball bearings Fa: axial loads (N) XI, XII: from the outside Bearing I, II radial load coefficient formulas 2.1 and 2.2, bearing load P refers to the direction and size of the pure radial load (pure axial load). However, there are many cases in which both radial and axial loads occur simultaneously. In this case, it is necessary to convert them into equivalent dynamic loads to calculate life equivalent dynamic loads, which can be calculated according to formula 2.3 (formula 2.3) Pr: radial equivalent dynamic loads (N) Pa: axial equivalent dynamic loads (N) Fr: radial loads (N) Fa Axial load (N) X: radial load coefficient (Table 2.1) Y: axial load coefficient (Table 2.1) Note 1 (Table 2.1). I. The values of iFa / Cor X, Y and E are obtained by linear interpolation when the DB / DF configuration time is 2, the single column / DT configuration time is 1.Note 2), the single column / DT configuration time and the Fa / Fr e contact angle is 15 degrees. Note 4. The centrifugal force acting on the rolling body in addition to external loads should also be taken into account in the case of high speed (dmn value > 800000). In this case, please consult with NACHI.