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Dushan: Bearings Compete To Show Their Talents
Jan 03, 2019

On December 29th, the Dushan “bearing series” skill competition was held in the Bearing Industrial Park of the High-tech Zone. More than 400 players in the park competed on the same stage, showed their style, promoted learning, and actively improved their operational skills to promote the sound and rapid development of the bearing industry.


It is reported that the competition is divided into five projects, namely bearing centerless grinder operation, bearing 688 type sealing cover stripping, bearing 625 hand feeling inspection, bearing 608 manual assembly, bearing tool grinding (middle slot knife), each winning a first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes, honorary certificates and bonuses ranging from 3,000 to 800 yuan. The contestants are all from the bearing park enterprises, both the veteran of the dry bearing industry for many years, and the newcomers who have just entered the factory.


On the same day, although the weather was cold and the rain was heavy, the game was full of enthusiasm. At each match point, the players are focused on their own games, and they are eager to try. With the referee's "beginning" order, everyone will concentrate, energetic, and chase after you, with their skillful skills, show your "homework skills." Throughout the competition, the participants not only performed speed and passion, but also paid more attention to the standardization of operation and product quality. The referee watched patiently and scrutinized the details of each job.

After fierce competition, Wei Fangjin, Liu Yunsu, Teng Zhaohong, Yang Yue, and Yan Xianhui were respectively awarded the bearing 625 hand test, 688 type sealing cover stripping, tool grinding - medium slot knife, centerless grinder operation, 608 manual assembly first prize .

The contestants said that the competition not only gave employees a chance to show themselves, but also opened up their eyes and knowledge, and understood the diversity of skills in the bearing industry. They will strengthen exchanges and learning on the basis of doing their own work. , constantly improve yourself, master more skills, and strive to make more high-quality bearing products.

High-tech Zone Bearing Industrial Park is a development of Dushan actively responding to the promotion of “Public Entrepreneurship, Innovative Innovation” and vigorously developing private economic parks. It has been developed over the years and has 48 bearings and supporting enterprises. More than 1,000 production lines have solved more than 1,300 jobs, and the bearing industry chain has been basically formed, and the supporting facilities have become more perfect. It has been awarded the provincial-level migrant workers entrepreneurship demonstration park, the “public entrepreneurship, innovation” demonstration park, the bearing foreign trade transformation and upgrading demonstration base, the national science and technology enterprise incubator and other honorary titles, becoming the largest and most complete supporting in Guizhou Province and even the entire southwest region. The bearing production base with the largest number of enterprises.

On the same day, Zhang Yongyang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress and chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, attended the event.