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Analysis Of Importance Of Lubrication Maintenance For INA Imported Bearings
Nov 28, 2018

In order to ensure the normal operation of INA imported bearings, it is necessary to have good lubrication. The rated load and the limit speed of rolling bearings are determined under the assumption of proper lubrication. The so-called proper lubrication means that the proper choice of lubricants, the appropriate lubrication dose and the poor lubrication are often the main reasons for the early damage of bearings. One. According to statistics, about one third of the bearing damage is due to poor lubrication.

In the process of rolling bearing rotation, because of friction resistance, the bearing wears and tears continuously and fails. The resistance to rolling bearing rotation consists of rolling friction, sliding friction and lubricant friction. Rolling friction occurs when rolling on the bearing raceway; sliding friction occurs on the guide surface of the rolling element in the cage, on the guide surface of the cage and on the end face of the roller and the ring edge of the roller bearing; lubricant friction consists of internal friction of the lubricant at the contact point and agitation and extrusion of the lubricant. 。 Therefore, the resistance of impedance bearing motion is the sum of the three frictions mentioned above. The purpose of lubrication is to avoid direct contact between raceway, rolling element and cage metal through grease and lubrication, reduce friction heat to minimize friction resistance, thereby reducing wear, preventing rust and prolonging service life.

As INA imported bearings are rust-proof and packaged, do not open the package before installation.

In addition, the anti-rust oil coated on the bearing has good lubrication performance. For general purpose bearings or bearings filled with grease, it is not necessary to clean and use directly. But for instrument bearings or bearings used for high-speed rotation, use clean cleaning oil to wash away the rust-proof oil. At this time, the bearings are easy to rust and can not be placed for a long time.

Clean the bearing and shell to make sure there is no scar or burr left by machining. There must be no abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) moulding sand and chips in the shell.

Secondly, check whether the dimensions, shapes and processing quality of the shaft and shell are in accordance with the drawings.

Installation of INA imported bearings depends on the bearing matching, conditions and structure. Generally, because of shaft rotation, the inner ring needs interference matching. Cylindrical bore bearings are usually pressed by press or hot-packed. In the case of taper hole, it is directly mounted on the taper axis or installed with sleeve.

When mounted to the shell, there are usually many clearance matches, and the outer ring has excess. Usually, press is used to press in, or there are cold contraction matching methods installed after cooling. When dry ice is used as coolant and condensation is combined with installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing. Therefore, appropriate anti-rust measures are needed.

Installation of INA imported bearings is correct, affecting the life, accuracy and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly departments should fully study the installation of bearings. Hope to install in accordance with operating standards.