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TIMKEN bearing inappropriate choice and selection method
Jan 09, 2018

TIMKEN bearing improper choice, in large part because of a larger axial load does not use thrust bearings or can withstand larger diameter, axial joint load bearing support structure, the use of cage-free cylindrical roller bearings is not Proper Poor bearing lubrication is the direct cause of bearing damage, from the status quo of damaged bearings. The bearings in the accumulated 3000 hours of work, the bearing rolling work surface without fatigue damage, bearing scratches only, according to the radial load bearing fatigue life is very long.

It is observed at the fracture of the bearing material microstructure without coarse grain phenomenon occurs, the fracture was silver gray, is a brittle fracture. Bearing inner raceway no obvious wear and burn phenomenon of material bonding burn, bearing but the side of the inner ring found obvious wear and scratches, but also the main reason is the inner side of the side of the main cracks on both sides, TIMKEN Bearings were found to be visible to the naked eye cracks and some areas of blue material, while the inner wall of the bearing ribs without exception.

First, the bearing size restrictions.

Usually TIMKEN bearings can be installed in the space is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or bearing bore) is based on the mechanical design or other design constraints. So the choice of bearing type and size is based on the inner diameter of the bearing. As a result, the standard size of the main table size are based on international standards and the preparation of the diameter size.

Second, the classification of bearings.

According to the classification of bearings, bearings may be used in the industry were analyzed, the key issue is to be based on the actual situation of stocking companies to determine the focus of the attack on the industry.

1 bearing installation: bearing installation must be dry, clean environment conditions. Care should be taken prior to installation to check the mating surfaces of the shaft and housing, the end faces of the shoulders, the quality of the grooves and connecting surfaces.

TIMKEN bearings are relative to the domestic bearings. Bearing not only represents a strong brand support, advanced scientific concepts and innovation, improve after-sales service, a strong product extension.

Generally have high-speed operation, high precision equipment require the use of TIMKEN bearings, because to ensure the normal speed and high precision and reduce maintenance costs.