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Three characteristics of the packing of linear bearing
Jan 05, 2018

1) the circulation of work is complicated
There are two ways in the way of bearing circulation, one is that the product comes from the factory directly to the user of the product, and the other is to sell through the medium. As the bearing product is a general mechanical part, the use of a wide range of fields, from the product from the factory to the user in the hands of the user may be through the multichannel circulation. Each link includes the process of handling (manual or mechanical), transportation, storage and so on.

2) various forms of packaging
The bearing product of linear bearing manufacturers has many specifications, and the difference of volume and weight is also great. Therefore, a variety of methods are used in the form of packaging, and the size and size of the packaging are different. Common packaging forms are wooden case, corrugated carton, plastic braided belt, tray and special (metal) container.

3) the performance requirements of the packaging are high
Because bearings are top density parts, plus more circulation links, products are easily damaged by environmental conditions such as rain and snow, dust, temperature, corrosive substances and so on. Therefore, the requirements of bearing packaging need to have a variety of properties, such as shockproof, moisture-proof, anti bump, anti-corrosion, pressure etc..