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The suffix description of NACHI bearing code
Nov 20, 2018

The suffix description of NACHI bearing code is:

I. contact angle code:

Single row angular contact ball bearings:

C nominal contact angle 10-22 (standard 15)

(A) the nominal contact angle is generally not marked 22-32 (standard 30).

B nominal contact angle 32-45 (standard 40)

Tapered roller:

D nominal contact angle 24-32

C nominal contact angle 17-24

Two. Special design:

A tapered roller bearing inner ring, bearing width varies.

Design change of E roller bearing

J tapered roller bearing rings are interchangeable.

S26 heat treated

S28 heat treated

W20 oil hole on outer ring.

W33 oil hole and oil groove on outer ring.

E2 roller bearing with car cage

EX high roller bearing with high load capacity

A2X high speed self-aligning roller bearing

AEX high speed roller bearing with high load capacity

Special design of V vibration machinery

Three. Cages Code:

F car made low carbon steel cage

G non-metallic cage

L light alloy cage

MY car made brass cage

V no cage

Y car made non-ferrous alloy cage

Four. Seal ring or dust cover.

ZE Z single side dust-proof cover

ZZE ZZ double-sided dust-proof cover

NKE NK single sided labyrinth seal ring

-2NKE -2NK double sided labyrinth seal ring

NSE NSL single face contact seal ring

-2NSE -2NSL double sided contact seal ring