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Selection of INA thrust cylindrical roller bearings when the basic performance
Jan 12, 2018

 In the selection of design selected INA bearing load calculation, the more representative of the actual work load bearing work, the more accurate calculation results, it is necessary to extensive and in-depth study of the actual load thrust cylindrical roller bearings.

    If the INA bearing both under a heavy load, but also not stationary, this state is more negative, the rolling body and the raceway will form a small indentation and quickly developed into pitting, the thrust cylindrical roller bearings early Failure. In this case, it is necessary to verify that the rated static load of the selected bearing can exceed the equivalent static load of this bearing.

In the other extreme, on the contrary, the bearing runs at high speed but does not bear the load. In this way, the rolling body often slides on the raceway without rolling, causing the temperature of the bearing to rise rapidly, the lubricant decomposes and degenerates, and the bearing will fail quickly. Therefore, Requires a minimum load to prevent skidding.

   Metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearings: It is both a metal bearing features and self-lubricating bearings features a novel lubricating bearings, the metal substrate to withstand the load, a special formula of the solid lubricating material lubrication. It has a high carrying capacity, impact resistance, high temperature, self-lubricating ability and so on.

    The traditional oil INA Bearing: Due to the advantages of low noise, self-lubricating, oil-bearing has become the new darling of the computer CPU fan bearings, the market demand; In addition, as people increasingly high noise requirements, oil-bearing Applications in everyday home appliances are also expanding.

    INA bearings on the basic requirements of the material depends largely on the bearing performance. The choice of materials to make rolling bearings is appropriate and will have a significant impact on their serviceability and longevity. Under normal circumstances, the thrust cylindrical roller bearing the main form of damage is under the action of alternating stress fatigue spalling, and the loss of bearing accuracy due to friction and wear. In addition, there are cracks, indentation, rust and other causes of abnormal bearing damage. Therefore, the rolling bearing should have high resistance to plastic deformation, less friction and wear, good rotation accuracy, good dimensional accuracy and stability, and long contact fatigue life. And many of these properties are determined by both the material and the heat treatment process.