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Prevent KOYO bearing alloy corrosion maintenance method
Nov 15, 2018

The corrosion of KOYO bearing alloy is generally that the lubricating oil is not pure. The chemical impurities (acid oxides, etc.) in the lubricating oil cause the bearing alloy to oxidize to form an acidic substance, causing the bearing alloy to partially fall off and form a random micro-crack or small. Pit. The main reason for the corrosion of KOYO bearing alloy is improper selection of lubricating oil, poor corrosion resistance of KOYO bearing materials, or rough engine operation and high temperature.

The anti-friction KOYO bearings in all bearings basically contain two hardened steel rings, a plurality of hardened balls or rollers, and a separate frame or cage for separating the rollers or rollers. These types are divided into many categories in use. Some types, such as needle-like column bearings, may have no inner ring and the rollers move directly on the hardened shaft.

It is necessary to use more than the recommended amount of grease in practice. When the required torque is low, only a very small amount of grease is required to complete the lubrication of the KOYO bearing. When the speed is very low and the bearing is exposed to dust or moisture, the bearing may almost fill up. KOYO bearings typically require more frequent lubrication under high speed and high temperature conditions than would normally be the case.