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IKO thin-walled bearing selection step method
Jan 11, 2018

Whether the correct choice of IKO bearings on the host can get good performance, extend the service life of the enterprise can shorten the repair time, reduce maintenance costs, improve the operation rate of the machine, has a very important role. Therefore, whether it is the design and manufacture of units, or maintenance units, the choice of thin-walled bearings must attach great importance.

In general, the steps to choose IKO bearings may be summarized as:

1. Select the basic types of thin-walled bearings, tolerance class and travel according to bearing operating conditions (including load direction and load type, speed, lubrication, concentricity requirements, positioning or non-locating, installation and maintenance environment, ambient temperature, etc.) Gap

2. According to the working conditions of IKO bearings and stress conditions and life requirements, by calculating the bearing type, or according to the requirements, select the bearing model, and then check the life expectancy;

3. Check the selected bearing rated load and speed limit.

The main considerations for choosing IKO bearings are speed limits, exact life expectancy and load carrying capacity. Other factors help determine the final solution for thin-walled bearing types, construction, dimensions, tolerance classes and play.