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IKO bearings regularly check the impact of noise on the accuracy level
Jan 14, 2018

Periodic inspection of the bearings is an important job in maintaining the bearings in the best possible condition and can also reveal the problems found. About bearing in use should pay attention to matters and related knowledge.

We want to emphasize that, to maintain IKO bearings lubrication and clean is very important. So when we check the bearings, we should first clean the bearing surface, and then remove the bearing around the parts. We should note that the oil seal is a very fragile parts, so check and disassembly requires extra care, do not over exert force, so as to avoid damage to parts. Then carefully check the bearing oil seal and its surrounding parts, if it has shown undesirable symptoms, be sure to replace the bad oil seal will lead to bearing damage, so that abnormal cloud led to the equipment downtime.

Second, we also check the bearing lubricant. Lubrication is very important, not only for IKO bearings, but also for all bearings. However, please note that the bearings should not be added too much grease. The company is located in:

Stained with lubricant Lubricant rubs between two fingers and is sensible if contaminants are present; or a thin layer of lubricant is applied to the back of the hand, followed by a light seal.

IKO bearings lubricated with oil lubricate the old oil, if possible, should be re-poured fresh oil and let the machine rotate at low speed for a few minutes. As far as possible so that the oil collected residual contaminants, and then spilled these oils. Note: It is best to filter the oil before use. The use of grease-lubricated bearings in the replacement of grease, the use of the device should be removed with cotton material angle to any part of the bearing. Because these residual fibers may wedge between the rolling elements and cause damage, especially the application of small bearings more attention to this issue.

IKO bearings in the degree of accuracy from the 0 level in order to improve the level of 0 for general use is sufficient, but when used in the conditions shown in Table 1 or the occasion, the need for 5 or more precision.

Although the accuracy of the above level is based on the ISO standard, but its name is different in different countries.

List a variety of IKO bearing type for the accuracy level as well as the comparison between national standards.

Dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and housing installation)

1, diameter, diameter, width and width of the assembly tolerances

2, roller group within the complex circle diameter and the diameter of the complex deviation

3, chamfer size allowable limit value

4, the width of the allowable changes

Rotation accuracy (items related to the runner's runout)

1, the inner ring and outer ring allow radial runout and axial runout

2, the inner ring allows lateral beating

3, the outer diameter of the surface to allow the amount of variation

4, Thrust bearing roller thickness allows the amount of change

Standard IKO bearings in many forms of size, the design of the mechanical device is best to use standard bearings (this design to the bearing is easy to purchase, here to put it another way, some bearing catalog models do, but some non-standard bearings In mainland China there is no spot, sometimes the futures will be a long time, so when the bearing selection to consider the cost of time and cost of replacement later) IKO bearing load, the load on the bearing, its nature, size, direction is Changing. Normally, the rated basic load is shown on the size chart. However, the axial load and radial load, etc., is also an important factor in the choice of suitable IKO bearings. When the size of the ball and needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings IKO usually have a higher load capacity and withstand greater vibration and shock load.