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IKO bearings regular maintenance fever causes of the Code of Practice
Jan 08, 2018

Loss of IKO bearings for many reasons, all the factors that affect the design and manufacturing process will be bearing loss, the analysis is not good to judge. However, in general, it can be considered and analyzed from both the use factor and the internal factor.

Loss of the use of bearings mainly refers to the installation and adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance and repair meet the technical requirements. Installation conditions are one of the primary factors in the use of factors, IKO bearings often due to improper installation leads to changes in the state of stress between the various components of the bearing, the bearing in the abnormal state of operation and loss. According to the bearing installation, use, maintenance and maintenance of technical requirements, bearing on the operation of the bearing load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions were monitored and found abnormalities immediately find the cause, make adjustments Back to normal. In addition, the quality of the grease and the surrounding medium, the atmosphere for the analysis test is also important.

(1) to determine the "maintenance and repair" cycle IKO bearings * Regular maintenance and maintenance by the combined care and maintenance and regular maintenance and maintenance of two parts. Walking together maintenance time is determined by the bearing production / - determined by the manufacturer's designated repair station, users enjoy free services, maintenance time of a ship 1500-3000hm, the longest maintenance time for the IKO bearings 5000km.

Walking together after maintenance, IKO bearings into the regular maintenance phase, since then, free service is over (there are also a small number of manufacturers to implement several free services), the regular maintenance intervals bearing the engine oil replacement prevail (also replace the oil filter) , Interval interval is generally 5000km, 7500h, 10000h 3 kinds of types.

(2) In accordance with the IKO bearings regular maintenance cycle maintenance, we must pay attention to important operational items: inspection and replacement of oil, transmission fluid inspection and replacement, transmission belt inspection and adjustment, air cleaner cleaning and replacement, Fuel System Cleaning and Replacement, Steering System Inspection, Braking System Inspection, Spark Plug Inspection and Replacement, Timing Belt or Chain Replacement, Periodic Fuel Injector Cleaning and Throttle Body Cleaning.

(3) different types of IKO bearings produced by the same manufacturer, the same maintenance cycle, maintenance projects are almost the same, the replacement of IKO bearings operating materials with versatility, the same operating practices, which will help determine the maintenance cycle and operation of the project.

(4) The difference is that with the previous production equipment, Hyundai IKO bearings almost no grease nozzle, no need for lubrication of the filling and maintenance projects.

(5) Wheel-type bearings for maintenance-free type, the operation only wheel Yi axial bearing clearance inspection, the bearing condition and lubrication maintenance projects, if the number of rounds of bearing clearance is too large, it is necessary to carry Wheel replacement bearing assembly .

(6) master a variety of equipment maintenance cycle and maintenance projects, according to the station for the operation of the operation of the project layout, in reducing the duplication of operations to ensure job safety under the premise of the shortest possible time and the most complete maintenance items , IKO bearings to complete the maintenance and repair operations.

Bearings should be cleaned prior to inspection of the bearing surface, and then carefully check the bearing oil seal and the surrounding parts, if the symptoms have shown undesirable, be sure to replace the bad oil seal can cause damage so that the cloud does not Normal and cause equipment downtime.

Do not expose IKO bearings to contaminants or moisture when inspecting bearings. If work is interrupted, the machine should be covered with paper, plastic sheet or the like. If you clean the unmasked bearing without performing disassembly and inspection, clean it with a solvent brush and brush it with a lint-free cloth or dry it with compressed air (be careful not to let Bearing assembly starts rotating). Check the raceway, cage, and beads of the bearing with a small mirror and a probe of the kind used by dentists. Do not clean seals or dust-proof seals; only wipe the outer surface. If the bearing is damaged, it needs to be replaced. It is far more economical to replace the bearing during regular downtime than it would have been if the sudden shutdown was selected as a result of the damage.