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IKO bearings abnormal high temperature maintenance common sense
Jan 13, 2018

1, IKO bearing temperature reasons:

 (1) Bearing cooling water is interrupted.

 (2) oil quality deterioration, the oil itself is not clean or running oil deterioration, such as oil in the water will cause increased oil acidity will reduce oil lubrication, bearing bush corrosion, resulting in bearing temperature.

2, the phenomenon:

 (1) There is an alarm bell.

 (2). Machine next to the water wheel mechanical fault light word bright, indicating IKO bearing temperature meter temperature rise, the signal relay action.

 (3) Thermometer plate (intumescent thermometer) Black needle and yellow needle coincide or exceed yellow needle.

 (4). Issue the fault temperature signal of the bearing.

3, processing

When IKO bearing temperature increases, the first judge whether the malfunction, such as indeed increased, should be done as follows:

(1) Check the cooling water pressure, water flow and piping system is normal. If the water pressure is low, the filter may be clogged and can not be processed in time. When the water pressure is low, it can be stopped and then put into operation when it is confirmed that it can work.

 (2). Check the governor hydraulic pressure, if the oil pressure is low may cause the cooling water hydraulic valve to close.

 (3). Check whether the bearing abnormal noise, and detect whether the bearing swing abnormalities.

 (4) Take a sample of oil to observe whether there is any change, and test to see if metamorphism. If you confirm the deterioration, should stop the replacement of new oil.

(5) Check the oil level is normal oil, if not normal, check the tank drain valve is tight. If it is closed, it should be filled with oil. If it is oil leakage of sealing pad, it should be shut down.

IKO bearings installation and maintenance basic knowledge common car and ordinary mechanical bearing an important difference is that the bearing in a moving environment, so its stress conditions and working conditions more complicated, while the car captured as a very sophisticated machinery Parts, proper installation and use, lubrication and maintenance are essential to achieving the basic functions captured.

IKO bearings installation and removal of clean kerosene or gasoline bearing and its associated parts clean;

Check whether the bearing to be used matches the original model number and match the size of the parts;

With a special assembly tool sleeve into the bearing pressure, the diameter of the tool sleeve can not exceed the outer diameter of the bearing ribs, the assembly force to be uniform, do not impact and brutal assembly;

Bearings should be installed after the rotation of bearings and related components to see if there are signs of stagnation and abnormal noise; according to the requirements of the host components into the specified grease or lubricant;

In the assembly of large bearings and bearing and shaft, seat hole between the larger margin products must IKO bearings oil bath heating, the oil temperature is about 80 degrees Celsius; bearing removal, you must use the special tools for drawing, non-use iron.