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How to install the joint bearing(2)
Jan 07, 2018

2.When the joint bearing is installed, the center line of the joint bearing hole and the shaft hould be rejoined. The relative axis skew of the joint bearing is not only difficult to install, but also causes the indentation, the bending of the neck of the shaft and even the fracture of the inner ring of the joint bearing. Here we can refer to the load and load direction of the joint bearing, and briefly introduce the place where the lack or no use of the press can install the joint bearing with the assembling bushing and the small hammer. The hammer force should be evenly spread to the whole circle of the face of the joint bearing ring, so the end face of the assembly sleeve should be made of ball.

the outer ring of the joint bearing is tightly matched with the shell hole. The inner ring and the shaft are loosely matched, so the joint bearing can be pressed into the shell first, so the outer diameter of the assembly casing should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the shell hole.

the joint bearing inner ring and shaft, and the outer shell hole is tightly matched with the end surface of the assembly sleeve should be made to press the joint bearing inner and outer rings end rings at the same time, or with a disc and assembly sleeve, so that the pressure at the same time to the outer ring, the joint bearing onto the shaft and housing.