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How to install the joint bearing(1)
Jan 07, 2018

The installation and dismantling method of the joint bearing should be based on the structure, size and the matching nature of the joint bearing. The installation and dismantling pressure should be directly added to the end face of the tightly matched gear ring, and the pressure can not be transferred through the roller body, because this will cause indentation on the working surface of the joint bearing, affect the normal operation of the joint bearing, and even damage the joint bearing. The retainer, sealing ring, dust cover and other parts of the joint bearing are easily deformed. The pressure of the installation or disassembly of the joint bearing can not be added to these parts.

(1) the joint bearing inner ring and shaft is tightly matched with the outer ring and the shell is a loose fit, can press will be pressed in the first joint bearing joint bearing, and the shaft together with the joint bearing together into the shell, pressing in on the end of a joint bearing pad of soft metal material (copper tube assembly or the soft pipe). The inner diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly larger than the diameter of the journal, and the outer diameter should be less than the diameter of the inner diameter of the joint bearing, so as to avoid the pressure on the cage.