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Fan vibration
Jan 10, 2018

Fan vibration is an important part of the technical analysis of the industry, but also supporting bearings in the after-sales service and customers often discuss the issue. In a wide range of practice I feel the following points need to be noted:

    1 bearing clearance is not equal to the shaft rotation gap: bearing clearance is bearing manufacturer based on national standard or made according to customer requirements, the customer once confirmed, bearing clearance to determine a certain range. The general rotating mechanical shaft clearance (mostly based on radial), is assembled after the actual shaft with the gap. The two are completely different concepts. In the actual use of the bearing process, the assembly of the shaft should be detected after the movement of the gap, and according to the axis of the technical performance requirements to be adjusted.

    2 fan impeller dynamic balance: Fan vibration for many reasons, it is also very complicated to analyze. Among them, the prominent influencing factor is the balance of the impeller. The dynamic balancing bottle is decisive to the vibration of the fan in a certain sense. It not only has the balance of the mass around the shaft of the impeller, but also because of the difference in leaf shape, Rotating the air to cut over the resistance is different, and the resulting vibration.

   3 Impeller assembly axial runout: Even if the impeller itself we achieve dynamic balance of the technical requirements of the assembly of the impeller center of mass and the center of gravity perpendicularity is not good, the formation of axial beating, increased vibration is also a frequent problem , Especially the key way to connect easily cause such problems.