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Design of plastic cage for double row tapered roller automobile hub bearings
Nov 19, 2018

By analyzing the structural characteristics of domestic and foreign equivalent bearing product cages and referring to the current structural design methods of metal stamping cages for single row tapered roller bearings in China, the structural design and calculation of main parameters of plastic cages for double row tapered roller automobile hub bearings are discussed. Key words: Double row tapered roller bearing; Hub bearing; Plastic cage; Drawing classification number in structural design: TH133.332; TH123.1 Document symbol code: B article number: 1000-3762 (2008) 06-0007-03 symbol indicates D-roller big head diameter, mmD. The diameter of the roller head, the projection length of M m-roller prime line on the roller center line, the submission date of m: 2007-10-18, and the repairing date: 2008-01-30. (B - the angle between the roller line and the center line. The nominal contact angle of bearing. The angle between the beam and the center line of the bearing. ) - the slope angle of the cage beam. (c-) - the width of the big end of the window of the rack is mmAC. - Kong Xiaoduan width of cage window, mmZ. The length of the cage window hole, Hun Figure 3, is the change of dimensionless frictional force with dimensionless speed.

As can be seen from the figure, with the increase of rotational speed, the relationship between dimensionless friction and rotational speed is not completely linear. When the speed is low, the friction force is greatly affected by the speed; when the speed is high, the influence of the speed on the friction force tends to be stable, and the relationship between the friction force and the speed is approximately linear. Under normal circumstances, normal working conditions belong to the linear region. The relationship between the dimensionless frictional force and the dimensionless rotational speed is 3.

Conclusion (1) With the increase of rotational speed, the change of eccentricity and eccentricity direction is non-linear, and the change speed slows down gradually, and finally tends to be stable. (2) There is also a non-linear relationship between speed and friction, especially at the moment of start-up. Under normal conditions, the relationship between speed and friction is approximately linear and can be regarded as a linear relationship. References: [1] Yan Qinghua, An Qi. Performance of starting process of Three-Wedge fixed-pad sliding bearings [J]. Journal of East China University of Technology: Natural Science Edition, 2007, 33 (4): 569-572. [2] Gao Lei, Liu Jun, An Qi. Numerical analysis of cylindrical arc-wedge thrust sliding bearings [J]. Lubrication and sealing, 2007, 32 (8):99-102. [2]  3] Yan Qinghua, An Qi. Study on the influence of space installation orientation of three-oil wedge fixed-pad sliding bearing on its performance [J]. China Mechanical Engineering, 2007, 18(11): 1281-1284. [4] Yan Qinghua, Yan Yongming, An Qi. The influence of preload coefficient on the stability of three-oil wedge journal sliding bearing [J]. Journal of East China University of Technology: Natural Science Academic Edition, 2006, 32 (11): 1365-1368. [5] Yan Qinghua, An Qi. The influence of some parameters of three-oil wedge bearing on the unstable rotational speed of rigid and elastic rotors [J].Journal of East China University of Technology: Natural Science Edition, 2007, 33 (5): 737-740. [6] Yan Qinghua, An Qi. Structural parameters of three-oil wedge fixed-tile sliding bearing on rigid Jeott Effect of Rotor Instability Speed [J]. Machine Tools and Hydraulic Pressure, 2007, 35 (9):35-36. [7] Sehulhr Fredrick T. Anderson William J. Experiments Oil the Stability of Water-lubricated Three - SectorHy dredynamic Journal Bearings at Zero ad [z]. Nasa Technical Note Nasa Tn D-5752.z. Large end rib width, mrfl small end rib width, mm S-cage beam thickness, mm c-cage beam width, mrfl h-cage small end section thickness, mm-cage large end section thickness, mm d-cage center line special point A radial size, mm d-cage center line The radial dimension of the special point, mm D - the radial dimension of the center of the roller head in the position of the cage window hole, mm - the center of the roller head in the position of the cage window hole

Radial size, mm R. - the inside radius of the cage's large end, mm. The inside radius of the small end of the cage is mm B. - cage width, mm D - cage large end outer diameter, mrfl D - cage die parting size (cage large end inner diameter), mmd. The inside diameter of the small end of the cage.