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Cautions for IKO Unidirectional Bearing in Use of Grease
Jan 22, 2019

In the use of unidirectional bearings, lubrication is more indispensable, but there are many methods of lubrication, and various lubrication methods should pay attention to different problems in the process of lubrication, which leads to the confusion of users. Today, I will introduce to you the IKO bearing oil lubrication and grease matters needing attention.

1. Grease lubrication

Re-lubrication of IKO bearings is best carried out during the planned downtime of the equipment and is supplemented regularly. At the same time, the old grease is removed or squeezed out through the oil vent. Clean the nozzle before adding fresh grease. If the one-way bearing box does not have an oil injection nozzle, the cover or end cover of the bearing box should be opened to remove the old grease, and after cleaning, the same type of fresh grease should be added.

2. Lubricating oil lubrication

Regularly check the oil level and quality of lubricating oil. Generally, the normal oil level should be within 1/3-2/3 of the equipment oil level window or the indicated oil level. The oil level of IKO bearing tank can meet the operation requirement. If the oil level in the oil cup is less than 1/4 of its total volume, the oil level can be considered.

Check and fill the oil method, take out a small amount of lubricant as a sample and compare with fresh lubricant. Units with ability can consider carrying out oil quality test to ensure that the quality of oil is qualified. If the sample appears to be cloudy, it may be the result of mixing with water, that is, oil emulsification, which is often said to be the result of replacement of lubricants.

If the sample range becomes darker or thicker, it may indicate that the lubricant has begun to carbonize, and the old lubricant should be completely replaced. If possible, flush the oil line with fresh lubricants. When replacing the lubricating oil, we should ensure that the new and old models of the replaced lubricating oil are the same, and supplement the required oil level.

Oil and grease used in unidirectional bearings must have anti-rust effect, and the anti-rust agent is best insoluble in water. Grease should have good adhesion to form an oil film on the surface of steel, even if the grease is filled with water, it can be maintained. Oil will soften during mechanical processing, leading to leakage. When there is an example of vibration application, grease will be thrown from the IKO bearing seat into the bearing. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the grease will be thrown out of the bearing continuously, which will cause the structure of the soap to collapse mechanically and the use of grease will be destroyed.