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bearing dismantling
Nov 21, 2018

Two, bearing dismantling: when the bearings are removed and intended to continue to use, appropriate disassembly tools should be selected. Removal of interference fit ring, can only be pulled on the ring, never allow the transfer of disassembly force through the rolling body, otherwise the rolling body and raceway will be crushed.

3. The service environment of bearings: Selecting specifications, dimensions and accuracy according to the position and conditions of use and environment, and cooperating with suitable bearings are the premise of ensuring the service life and reliability of bearings.

1. Used position: Tapered roller bearings are suitable for bearing combined radial and axial loads mainly consisting of radial loads. Usually two sets of bearings are used in pairs. They are mainly used in front and rear wheel hubs, active bevel gears, differential, reducer and other transmission parts of automobiles.

2. Permissible speed: Under the condition of correct installation and good lubrication, it is allowed to be 0.3-0.5 times of the bearing's limit speed. Under normal circumstances, the limit speed of 0.2 times is the best.

3. Permissible Inclination Angle: Tapered roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to be inclined relative to the shell hole, if inclined, the maximum is not more than 2'.

4. Permissible temperature: Under normal loads, high temperature resistance and sufficient lubrication conditions, general bearings are allowed to work at ambient temperatures ranging from - 30 C to 150 C.