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Attention should be paid to correct selection of FAG bearings
Nov 28, 2018

Selection of specifications, dimensions and accuracy according to the use location, use conditions and environmental conditions, and appropriate FAG bearings are prerequisites for ensuring the life and reliability of bearings.

1. Used position: Tapered roller bearings are suitable for bearing combined radial and axial loads mainly consisting of radial loads. Usually two sets of FAG bearings are used in pairs. They are mainly used in front and rear wheel hubs, active bevel gears, differential, reducer and other transmission parts of automobiles.

2. Permissible speed: Under the condition of correct installation and good lubrication, the permissible limit speed of bearing is 0.3-0.5 times. Normally, the limit speed of 0.2 times is the best.

3. Permissible Inclination Angle: Tapered roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to be inclined relative to the shell hole, if inclined, the maximum is not more than 2'.

4. Permissible temperature: Under normal loads, high temperature resistance and sufficient lubrication conditions, general bearings are allowed to work at ambient temperatures ranging from - 30 C to 150 C.

Selection of Bearing Grease

Improper lubrication accounts for 36% of the causes leading to premature failure of FAG bearings. Universal grease can not meet the needs of various special bearing applications. Only one or all kinds of universal grease are used to meet all bearing applications, which will cause problems far beyond the benefits of the unified brand. Bearing application conditions are very diverse, the correct lubrication is to require grease and bearing application conditions to match.

Bearing grease is the basis for ensuring smooth, carefree operation and maximum reliability of bearings, even under the most extreme working conditions. Lubricating grease can prevent pollutants from entering bearing, buffer impact load and prevent corrosion. Choosing suitable grease in practical application is the basic condition for obtaining the maximum service life of bearings.

The criteria for the correct selection of lubricants include the type and size of bearings, temperature, speed, load, expected service life and supplementary lubrication cycle.

First, keep the bearings and their surrounding environment clean

I don't need to tell you what's going on. Even if the invisible dust enters the bearing, the bearing will wear out. To be clear, it's a truth that you can't rub a little sand in your eyes.

Second, when using and installing, it is necessary to install carefully and accurately.

If not, don't make bearings. Go home and play. The most important thing is that we don't allow strong stamping and hammer to hit bearings directly. We are not afraid of breaking them. If you break them, what should you do? Take the loss by yourself. Ha-ha, and we are not allowed to pass them. Roller transfers pressure.

Third, use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Use special tools as far as possible and try to avoid using cloth and staple fibers.

Fourth, prevent bearing corrosion, do not use blisters

FAG bearings are made of fine steel, but they are also afraid of water. If you don't believe it, soak them in water. Ha-ha, when you take the bearings by hand, you should wash the sweat from your hands fully and apply high-quality mineral oil before operating. In rainy season and summer, you should pay special attention to rust prevention. Don't tell me what rust be afraid of. Okay, try it yourself. See what happens to rust.