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Oil Bearing

Self-lubricating sliding bearings

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Self-lubricating sliding bearings in the metal friction surface out of the appropriate size, orderly arrangement of holes, and then embedded in the hole has a unique self-lubricating properties of solid lubricants made of self-lubricating bearings. The product combines the advantages of metal matrix and special formula lubricating materials, breaking the limitations of the general bearing rely on oil film lubrication. Self-lubricating bearings are particularly suitable for oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, antifouling, anti-corrosion, radiation protection, and in the water or vacuum solution infiltration and simply can not add lubricating film under special conditions. The products are widely used in metallurgy steel rolling equipment, filling equipment, turbine, steam turbine, instrumentation and mining equipment, ship machinery, textile machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace and other fields, but also for general construction machinery. Self-lubricating bearings should be based on the bearing body conditions and conditions. More commonly used materials are high-strength brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, zinc-based wear-resistant alloys. Embedded solid lubricants are mainly graphite and additives. Different additives for different conditions. According to the condition of the bearing itself, the combination of different metal matrix and embedded solid lubricant can ensure that the product can meet the special needs under various working conditions such as temperature, load and medium, and ensure stable and reliable operation.

JDB-2 bronze inlaid bearings, is a 6-6-3 bronze matrix, embedded in graphite and MoS2 solid lubricants for a solid lubricant products. Because 6-6-3 bronze density is higher than high-strength brass, it is very wear-resistant at high temperature and low load. Recommended use: At present, the product has been used in fireplace doors, ovens raceway, rubber machinery, light industry machinery, machine tool industry and other low load, high temperature, medium speed applications.

Technical Parameters:


Base material: CuSn6Zn6Pb3


Ultimate dynamic load: 60N / mm2


Basic hardness: HB80 ~ 100


Coefficient of friction μ: <0.15


Maximum temperature: 350 ℃


Maximum sliding speed: 2m / s

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